Enabling Our Players

by Colin Woods

Many thanks for taking the time to learn about our club. My name is Colin Woods, and I was honoured to be appointed Club Chair in May 2022. I became Chair because I love the club ethos, which enables players to enjoy the game and is based on three fundamental principles:

  1. Everyone is welcome at the club, regardless of ability or background
  2. Being competitive at the right level for the players
  3. Providing the foundation for the players to continue to enjoy playing later in life

My daughter and son play for the club, and my wife is an active volunteer (Kit guru and provider of the best Saturday morning bacon sandwich, no less).

To provide the most enjoyable playing experience possible, our club relies on many volunteers, all playing vital roles in maintaining the culture and ethos that makes our club unique. I, as Chair, value the role everyone plays, I listen to what they say, and their input enables the following people to build our future.

Running the Club

Every successful club requires a robust governance structure and safeguarding is at the heart of everything we do. Our Welfare Officer, Aisling Protozzi, works closely with myself and the coaches to proactively review and consider any potential safeguarding issues in how we work as a club. This robust approach enables us to provide a safe and enabling environment for all players.

Every successful club is built on prudent financial management, and our treasurer, Adrian Wisbey, provides the foundations that enable us to offer a competitive annual subscription fully supported by ongoing investment in kit, equipment, and facilities.

Enabling boys and girls teams to play regularly across several leagues requires intense rigour and complete oversight of the club. Our secretary, Roger Busby, oversees our governance and compliance with great effectiveness, building trust and respect across the club.

We seek to communicate as simply as possible through this website and other platforms. Tom Halls is our lead on communication. Parent liaison is crucial; through our newsletters, briefing notes and social media updates, everyone is kept up to speed with relevant events.

Playing the Game

We are a forward-looking club, and to enable the kids to maximise their enjoyment and learning, our Football Development lead, Trevor Speller, is delivering a five-year plan to develop players and coaches. The development is continuous throughout the age groups and sustainable for the future.

Supporting Trevor, we have Will Asher, our lead coach for the girl’s squad. Overseeing a meteoric rise in girls’ football Will, girls manager Nicola Fannin, and their team are building a reputation for playing attractive, skilful football with determination and a smile.

Chad Heuston, our lead coach for boys/mixed squads, also works closely with Trevor and Will, enabling the age group coaches to play enjoyable and competitive football. Chad played to a high level during his career and role models the benefits of positive reinforcement and, teamwork, critical life skills for the future.     

Trevor Speller

Chad Hueston

Will Asher