boys/mixed football at walton warriors

Our boys/mixed teams play in the Epsom and Ewell League. While a large percentage of those participating are boys, the FA encourages mixed football until the age of 18.

Girls’ have the opportunity to decide whether to play mixed or girls-only football at Walton Warriors. Every player is different, and we always take an individual approach to player development. 

Please contact one of the coaches below for more information.

Subscription Fees

For those playing in league teams, our subs primarily cover the cost of club kit, equipment, pitch hire, and payment of referees. Subs for the 2022 / 23 season are as follows:

U7, U8, U9, U10, U11£175
U12, U13, U14£195

Club Kit:

We want our players to look their best. Our kit is the envy of the league and is top quality. Our subs are based on the concept of a two-year cycle on the kit; this means you will pay the same subs each year and receive a new kit every other year.

The U7 team and new players will receive a Walton Warriors FC strip for the 2022 / 23 season.

Whilst U6s don’t receive kits in their subs, we have the option for them to purchase the kit separately. It does make them feel part of the club!

Sibling Discount:

The club offers a sibling discount. We refund half the cost of the cheapest membership.

Additional Training Costs:

Each year group individually arrange their training, venue and coaching – which will be an extra cost to the above subs. Coaches can provide a rough estimate, and we try and keep this to a minimum.

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If your son or daughter is interested in joining, please get in touch with one of the coaches for more information.

boys/mixed football coaches

U6 Head Coach

Lewis Boulter

U7 Head Coach

Chad Hueston

U8 Head Coach

Paul Devine

U9 Head Coach

Mark Howard-Lanes

U10 Head Coach

Pat Doyle

U11 Head Coach

Ben Gleeson

U12 Head Coach

Kyle Robins

U13 Head Coach

Justin Adams

U14 Head Coach

Paul Denny

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