boys football at walton warriors

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Subscription Fees

Subs for the 2022 / 23 season are as follows:

We run a two-year cycle on kit and only the U7 team and new players will receive a Walton Warriors FC strip for the 2022 / 23 season.

U7, U8, U9, U10, U11£175
U12, U13, U14£195

Sibling Discount:

The club does offer a sibling discount which is administered via a refund. Once payment has been received for all your children, please let your head coach know and we will refund half the cost of the cheapest membership.

Additional Training Costs:

Each year group may individually arrange their own training, venue and coaching – which will be an extra cost to the above subs. If you require more information before registering, please contact your team coach (see information below).

* Players are evaluated and grouped according to age and level

boys football coaches

U6 Head Coach


U7 Head Coach

Chad Hueston

U8 Head Coach

Paul Devine

U9 Head Coach

Chad Hueston

U10 Head Coach

Paul Devine

U11 Head Coach


U12 Head Coach

Paul Devine

U13 Head Coach


U14 Head Coach

Chad Hueston

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